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The Method of Solving the Problem of the Study of the Dynamics of Motion Parameters of WIG near the Underlying Surface

Y. F. Vshivkov, S. M. Krivel

In this paper we propose a numerical method for solving a system of differential equations of motion dynamics of WIG near the underlying surface (screen). The proposed numerical method can be used to study the characteristics of the tasks of maneuvering and perturbed motion, stability and handling  performance ofWIG (parameters of driving dynamics WIG). Consider the work of other researchers involved in driving dynamics WIG, made a brief analysis of their proposed methods. Presented fairly complete mathematical description of the proposed methodology. A numerical method for solving a complete system of differential equations of motion of WIG is based on the modified method of prediction - correction. The method allows one to take into account the effect of severely changing the distance from the surface on the aerodynamic characteristics of WIG at the stage of solving a system of differential equations of motion dynamics. In contrast to the previously used approaches distance from the surface is regarded as the defining parameter for all the aerodynamic coefficients WIG. The proposed approach, according to the authors, more versatile, relatively easy to implement, can improve the accuracy of calculation. Based on MatLab + Simulink developed a program that implements the proposed method of solving the complete system of differential equations. Application of the program allows you to qualitatively and quantitatively assess the dynamic properties of the aircraft (WIG).

flight dynamics WIG, WIG equations of motion
519.62, 519.688 MSC 65L03, 35A24

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