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On Robust Stability of Differential-Algebraic Equations with Structured Uncertainty

A. D. Kononov

We consider a linear time-invariant system of differential-algebraic equations (DAE), which can be written as a system of ordinary differential equations with non-invertible coefficients matrices. An important characteristic of DAE is the unsolvability index, which reflects the complexity of the internal structure of the system. The question of the asymptotic stability of DAE containing the uncertainty given by the matrix norm is investigated. We consider a perturbation in the structured uncertainty case. It is assumed that the initial nominal system is asymptotically stable. For the analysis, the original equation is reduced to the structural form, in which the differential and algebraic subsystems are separated. This structural form is equivalent to the input system in the sense of coincidence of sets of solutions, and the operator transforming the DAE into the structural form possesses the inverse operator. The conversion to structural form does not use a change of variables. Regularity of matrix pencil of the source equation is the necessary and sufficient condition of structural form existence. Sufficient conditions have been obtained that perturbations do not break the internal structure of the nominal system. Under these conditions robust stability of the DAE with structured uncertainty is investigated. Estimates for the stability radius of the perturbed DAE system are obtained. The text of the article is from the simpler case, in which the perturbation is present only for an unknown function, to a more complex one, under which the perturbation is also present in the derivative of the unknown function. We used values of the real and the complex stability radii of explicit ordinary differential equations for obtaining the results. We consider the example illustrating the obtained results.

About the Authors

Alexey D. Kononov, Postgraduate, Institute for System Dynamics and Control Theory SB RAS, 134, Lermontov st., Irkutsk, 664033, Russian Federation, e-mail: my_official@rambler.ru

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Kononov A.D. On Robust Stability of Differential-Algebraic Equations with Structured Uncertainty. The Bulletin of Irkutsk State University. Series Mathematics, 2018, vol. 23, pp. 20-35. (In Russian). https://doi.org/10.26516/1997-7670.2018.23.20
differential-algebraic equations, robust stability, structured uncertainty
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34A09, 34D20, 37C75




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