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List of issues > Series «Mathematics». 2016. Vol. 18

A Method for Semidefinite Quasiconvex Maximization Problem

R. Enkhbat, M. Bellalij, K. Jbilou, T. Bayartugs

We introduce so-called semidefinite quasiconvex maximization problem. We derive new global optimality conditions by generalizing [9]. Using these conditions, we construct an algorithm which generates a sequence of local maximizers that converges to a global solution. Also, new applications of semidefinite quasiconvex maximization are given. Subproblems of the proposed algorithm are semidefinite linear programming.

Semidefinite linear programming, global optimality conditions, semidefinite quasiconvex maximization, algorithm, approximation set


90C26, 93C05


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